Information for Passengers

As a Taxi Passenger you have the right to:

  • Be picked up and transported to your stated destination by any available on duty taxi driver

    A taxi driver may be unable to transport you due to conditions on their licence, such as areas where they may pick up passengers. They also must obey National Safety Code rules, such as hours of service, which could impact whether they are available for a long trip. Should the driver tell you it’s too close to the end of their shift, you may ask the driver to contact dispatch to send another taxi.
  • Pay the posted rate by cash, or accepted credit card or TaxiSaver voucher

    When the taxi is underway, ensure the taxi meter is operating. When you arrive at your destination, you can pay by any method of payment accepted by company policy, such as credit cards and TaxiSaver vouchers. When using TaxiSaver vouchers, supplementing with cash or credit card may be necessary if the fare does not come to an even dollar amount, or for the tip.
  • A courteous driver who provides assistance, if requested

    If you need assistance entering or exiting the taxi,
    or if you need help to store items, ask your driver.
    If you need assistance with heavy or overweight luggage or packages, consider pre-arranging your trip to ensure the taxi and driver can accommodate you.
  • Travel with an assistance dog or portable mobility aid

    You have the right to travel with an assistance dog that sits on the floor and is held by a leash or harness. Taxis can also accommodate portable mobility aids, designed to collapse for easy transport, without the need for a specialized accessible taxi.
  • A taxi that is clean, smoke free and in good repair

    Municipalities have vehicle bylaws to protect the health of the driver and passengers. Smoking is not permitted in taxis, as they are considered enclosed workplaces.
  • Direct the route, or expect the most
    economical route

    When indicating your destination, let your taxi driver know if you would prefer to be driven by a specific route; otherwise the driver will determine the most economical route, taking into account current road and traffic conditions.
  • A quiet atmosphere, upon request

    You have the right to travel without listening to music or news on the car’s radio, although the driver must be able to hear and respond to dispatch as needed.
  • A detailed receipt, when requested

    If you would like a receipt, ask your driver. You may also ask that the company name, taxi number and driver’s name appear on the receipt.

As a Taxi Passenger you need to understand the rights of taxi drivers:

  • It’s important to remember that your driver must obey all applicable laws, including the conditions of the licence to operate as a taxi.
  • Personal safety of the taxi driver, along with that of their passengers, is the number one priority. A taxi driver can refuse to transport a passenger or travel to a particular destination, if the driver believes his or her personal safety could be compromised.
  • A taxi driver may refuse to transport passengers who are smoking, conducting themselves in a disorderly manner, using profane or offensive language, or are acting in such a manner as to be offensive to the driver or other passengers.
  • To provide assurance that the fare will be paid, the driver may ask you for a deposit up to the estimated amount of the fare. You can provide the deposit in any manner that is normally accepted by the company.

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